Ruby Amanfu's
First CD

So Now the Whole World Knows CD cover

So Now The Whole World Knows

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This project from 1998 is offered by Lost Frogs Records while supplies last.

After hearing Ruby's extraordinary voice and being equally impressed by her song-writing, we recorded and funded her first CD.

We are fortunate to have recorded these early moments of Ruby's musical career. We are even more fortunate to have Ruby's friendship.


Early performace photo

Early performance photo

Photos © B. F. Matthews 1999


This exciting ten song CD includes four songs written by Ruby Amanfu and six songs written by Ruby Amanfu with Peter Mueller.

Ruby's songs are positive and uplifting, her voice is delightful. She tells a good story and her singing can heal you. Ruby is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter. Check out the sound samples and lyrics for this stirring debut CD of Ruby Amanfu!

Song Samples & Lyrics

In the October 23, 1998 issue of Music Row magazine,  Robert K. Oermann wrote: "This ranks as one of the finest discoveries I've made all year long. Ruby's literate songwriting, acoustic-pop production, and Joan Armatrading/Tracy Chapman sensibilities are equally ear tickling."

In the November 13th, 1998 Tennessean, Rick de Yampert (Tennessean music writer) wrote: "...such Amanfu songs as 'Aaron' and 'Empty' are polished modern pop tunes that showcase her robust yet siren-like voice... Meanwhile, such songs as 'Mr. Cunningham', 'Because of Love', and 'Simplicity' find Ruby doing the folkie, Gen-X Joni Mitchell thing, and doing it quite alluringly."

Ruby has been compared to Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, Natalie Imbruglia, Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Jewel, and Kate Bush. This might give you some idea of the scope of Ruby's talent!

All vocals are performed by Ruby, drums by Jaren Johnston, bass by Jeremy Grant, guitars by Peter Mueller and Andre Reiss. Additional musicians include Dan Sherry, Becky Fox Matthews, and Tarp Davenport.

In the October 15, 2000 Tennessean WOMEN section: "Her singing sounds light and calming, like lullabies, and deepens as her topics drift among joy, forgiveness, despair, and always, love."


Since her debut album So Now The Whole World Knows with Lost Frogs Records, Ruby has achieved worldwide acclaim. Polydor UK produced Smoke & Honey in 2003 with the single "Sugah" which reached #3 on the Billboard Pop Airplay Charts. In 2006 she recorded and released an EP Sam & Ruby with Sam Brooker.

Other Amanfu projects are The Hear and Now (Rykodisc Records 2009), Press On (2010) The Simple Sessions (EP-Twenty Ten Music 2012) and a double single "Bluff" and "Love Out Loud" released in 2013. The Hear and Now was named Album of the Year by the Associated Press in 2009. Sam & Ruby's work is featured in a number of major motion pictures including Hope Floats (1998) and The Secret Life of Bees (2008). In 2012 Ruby collaborated with Jack White on the single "Love Interruption" from his Blunderbuss album and toured with him as a member of his all-female band The Peacocks. Two duets with Ruby and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, “I Wonder” and "When My Man Comes Home," were released as a Third Man Blue Series single in 2013. Ruby continues to tour and record solo and with other musicians.

Becky, Ruby and Dave

Becky and Dave with Ruby Amanfu

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